Welcome to my blog!  My name is Kaitlin.  I want to help YOU live your best life!  I hope to share some useful advice with you through this blog.  I’ll be writing about achieving your goals, being happy, loving yourself, fitness, travel, relationships, etc.!  I’ll be writing about what I think millennials care about most: how to live their best lives.  🙂


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Kindness and Vulnerability Lead to a Better World

“Years from now, I won’t remember you for the grade you got in my class.  I will remember you for how you treated others.”  I began Friday’s class with a lecture on kindness.  My seventh grade students were eager to find out where their new seats were in my classroom, which were rearranged into tables … Continue reading Kindness and Vulnerability Lead to a Better World

How to Manage Expectations

Life is full of expectations.  When our expectations don’t meet reality, we often face negative emotions.  When our expectations cause worry about the future, we feel anxious, instead of content in the present.  A lot of people feel anxious about the work week ahead on Sundays, so they feel sad and dread Monday mornings.  Personally, … Continue reading How to Manage Expectations

How to Cope with Overwhelming and Negative Emotions

“Ready or not, here I come!”  I think of this exclamation made during the popular childhood game of hide-and-go-seek and how some adults still make this exclamation when they are about to face something new.  On the surface, it appears that some people are more optimistic during periods of change, while others express their struggle.  … Continue reading How to Cope with Overwhelming and Negative Emotions

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