How to Live Your Best Life

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What is your best life?  Close your eyes and imagine the perfect life.  Imagine your perfect life at your current age, five years from now, and ten years from now.  Your idea of a perfect life changes over time, but it is important to look ahead and make a plan so you get to where you want to go.  So how do you live your best life?

Step 1: Identify what is your best life.  What makes you happy?  What are your passions?  What are your goals?  What motivates you?  What do you value and care about?  Who do you love and who loves you?  When you take the time to build your life around the answers to these questions, you will begin creating your best life.  Take time to look within and reflect.

Step 2: Move toward your best life.  Do something today that your future self will thank you for.  Planning for the future gave me more purpose in the present.  Some people cruise through life, going through the motions, but never taking the time to pause and reflect, to consider where they are in life and if they are moving toward where they want to go.  Instead of living life with cruise control on and letting the days go by, I live with intention and an eagerness to prepare for what is next.  Start small and make changes to your current routine that will lead you to the life you want to live.

I have always been very reflective and goal-orientated.  I know what my passions are and what makes me happy.  I value family, friends, happiness, love, exercise, and new experiences.  I spend my free time consciously doing the things that make me happy.  I surround myself with people I love and people who love me.  I feel good when I exercise so I do it at least five times a week.  I enjoy pampering myself so I get a pedicure or massage every now and then.  I appreciate little things, like watching the sunset.  I value experiences rather than material items.  I would rather spend my money on activities such as traveling, going to a fair, trying stand up paddling, or eating at a new restaurant.  It’s rare for me to spend the entire day in the town I live in.  I love to go new places and do new things.  All of the things that I do on a daily or weekly basis now are habits that I have developed so I live my best life.

Unexpected things happen in life – both good and bad.  Your outlook is everything.  Think positively and stay focused on moving toward your best life.  When challenges arise, remember that you will overcome.  Don’t let anyone or anything stop you from living your best life.

“Incredible change happens in your life when you decide to take control of what you do have power over instead of craving control over what you don’t.” – Steve Maraboli


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