Wedding Planning Advice

Beach 2

Photo Credit: Carolina Rivera

This past weekend my husband and I were reminiscing about how last December we were busy planning our wedding.  We had our menu tasting and cake tasting days, and I went bridesmaids dress shopping with my ladies.  My husband and I spent many of the cold winter months wedding planning and shopping for wedding things.  Our wedding was truly the best day of our lives.  I have so much advice that I would love to share with future brides and grooms!  🙂

My biggest piece of advice is to do whatever you want to do.  I understand that there are many traditions and every couple has a different experience in terms of feeling pressured to follow certain traditions, but ultimately, your wedding is your day, and you should do the things you want to do!  Prior to my wedding, I had only ever attended one wedding in my life, so I really did not know what was traditional.  I was fortunate enough to have parents and in-laws who respected that our wedding was our day and did not push any traditions on us.  My husband and I planned our day together and that is why it was the best day.  My favorite part of our wedding day was exchanging our vows.  We wrote our own vows; we didn’t follow a template or search “how to write wedding vows.”  We simply wrote from the heart and had each other and our guests in tears.

Make time for planning!  Planning a wedding takes a lot of time and effort.  It requires you to be organized and detail-oriented.  I highly recommend a wedding planning book.  I had two wedding planning books and a Google document with a budget, wedding day timeline, etc.

Put your money toward what matters most to you.  When you stop and think about what you want and ignore the pressures of others, you will clearly know what it is that you value most.  For our wedding, our splurges were the venue/catering, our photographer, hair/make-up, and my wedding dress.  We wanted our venue to be beautiful and for our guests to enjoy themselves, so we chose an amazing waterfront venue.  Our venue came with catering services and a wedding day coordinator, who was available to answer our questions any time leading up to the wedding.  It was extremely convenient to have these things included in our venue.  An added bonus to our venue was that it was in a meaningful location to us.  It was in the state that my husband and I met, and in a town that we spend a lot of time in.  One way we saved on this venue was to have a daytime wedding and at first, we were nervous about our decision, but we decided to have an after-party so that the party wouldn’t stop at 2:30PM.  🙂  We also had a beach photo shoot at sunset as pictured above.  We wanted to make sure that we treasured our wedding memories for a lifetime so we searched for a talented photographer with an artistic and journalistic style who would candidly capture our day.  We lucked out with an amazing photographer indeed!  Finally, a perfect wedding dress and stunning hair and make-up were important to me.  I wanted to feel my absolutely best on my wedding day and be able to look back at the photographs and think I looked amazing.  Every time I tried on my wedding dress before the wedding I felt beautiful and on the day of, I did as well.  My bridesmaids, mom, mother-in-law, and I all had airbrushed make-up, which kept our faces looking flawless all day, even if we sweat a little bit in the summer heat.  When you’re happy with your venue, feel confident in your wedding day look, and know you have an incredible photographer capturing every moment, you get to just enjoy the day and that’s what it’s all about.  🙂

I hope that you found my advice helpful!  Feel free to leave a comment if you have any wedding questions.  🙂  I loved planning our wedding and would love to help someone else!


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