Life Lessons Learned From a Summer of Adventure

Picture of Train Street in Hanoi, Vietnam This summer has been quite an adventure for me, and I’m sad to see it coming to an end!  After spending 8 days in Europe, 23 days in Asia, and moving from New England to the Midwest, I learned some important life lessons. The best part about being … Continue reading Life Lessons Learned From a Summer of Adventure


Birthday Reflections

For many people, their birthday is a day to reflect on the past year of their life.  In the process of this reflection, some people tend to seek validation that they are on the “right” path and compare themselves to other people their age.  When I search “turning 26,” I see a lot of websites … Continue reading Birthday Reflections

How to Create Habits to Live Your Best Life

Whether you are someone who loves to make routines or someone who prefers to be more spontaneous, the things we do shape who we are.  Gretchen Rubin said in her book Better Than Before, “Our habits reflect our identity.”  If you see yourself as a person with good hygiene, you probably have the habit of … Continue reading How to Create Habits to Live Your Best Life

How to Live in the Moment

Like most people, I think I spend the majority of my free moments thinking about the future or the past, rather than living in the moment.  I have always been forward-thinking and while this has led me to work hard to achieve my dreams, it has also prevented me from embracing the present.  Other people … Continue reading How to Live in the Moment

Embracing Change and Uncertainty

“Embrace uncertainty.  Some of the most beautiful chapters in our lives won’t have a title until much later.” – Bob Goff As 2019 approached, I thought about what expectations and hopes I had for the coming year.  I knew that I would be experiencing a lot of changes in my life and I felt anxious … Continue reading Embracing Change and Uncertainty

Life Lessons Learned from Running

In a previous blog post, I wrote about my identity and how I didn’t see myself as much of a runner anymore.  Over the past few months, I have rekindled my love of running.  In February I knew that it was likely that I would be leaving New England this summer, so I was motivated … Continue reading Life Lessons Learned from Running

How to Choose Joy

I know it has been awhile since I’ve written a post.  To be honest, I had given up on this blog.  I felt discouraged, because the blog wasn’t getting as many views as I had hoped, so I thought it wasn’t worth my time.  I started this blog with the big goal of it becoming … Continue reading How to Choose Joy