How to Live Your Best Life

What is your best life?  Close your eyes and imagine the perfect life.  Imagine your perfect life at your current age, five years from now, and ten years from now.  Your idea of a perfect life changes over time, but it is important to look ahead and make a plan so you get to where … Continue reading How to Live Your Best Life


How to Achieve Your Goals

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." - Lao Tzu What better time to write about achieving your goals than the beginning of a new school year?  The beginning of a new school year to me feels like January 1st for others.  I like to begin the school year creating goals … Continue reading How to Achieve Your Goals

How to Cope with the Unknown

In my last post, I wrote about the anxiety I felt post-graduation.  It has been over two years since I have graduated and after spending the past week catching up with several friends, I noticed a pattern: We are all still so afraid of the unknown. Navigating the uncertainties of life is challenging to say … Continue reading How to Cope with the Unknown